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Dance Research, the Society's peer-reviewed journal, is published twice a year by Edinburgh University Press and contains articles and book reviews reflecting the range of members' interests.

Dance Research is essential reading for those involved in the study and practice of dance. It is edited and published in Britain with the assistance of a distinguished group of editorial consultants based in Europe and the USA. The journal provides an international forum for the presentation and discussion of contemporary dance research and contains a section of comprehensive book and journal reviews.

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Issued twice a year, the Society for Dance Research Newsletter reports on SDR events and members' research and lists conferences in the UK and abroad.

Conference Proceedings

Dance History Symposiom 2010

The proceedings for the 2010 Dance History Symposium in collaboration with The Centre for Dance Research at Roehampton University is now available for download
Right click here to download proceedings

Established Scholars' Conference 2009

The proceedings for the 2009 Established Scholars’ Conference in collaboration with The Centre for Interdisciplinary Music Research at Roehampton University is now available for download
Right click here to download proceedings

An International Celebration of Enrico Cecchetti - 2005 conference

This conference was organised by Dance Department, University of Chichester; Society for Dance Research; and Cecchetti Teachers' Summer School. The full proceedings, including DVD, will be available at a later date, however a selection of the papers by SDR members is available for download.
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Exploding Perceptions

Papers now available from the National Resource Centre for Dance at £4.00. Go to

Structures and Metaphors in Baroque Dance

Conference papers now available from the Dance Department, University of Surrey Roehampton, London SW15 5PJ, UK. Cost £9 (plus p&p £1) UK, £10 (p&p £2) rest of Europe and £11 (p&p £3) outside Europe.

SDR Archive

Audio Tapes

From Pen to Performance - Nijinsky's Faune (1990)

  1. Dr Ann Hutchinson Guest

Dance and Gender (1990)

  1. Introduction - Christy Adair, Val Briginshaw
  2. The Problematics of Researching Gender - Dr Joyce Sherlock
  3. Dance and Gender Identification - Dr Helen Thomas

Panel: Emlyn Claid, M Semple, R Lee, Julia Pascal, Val Briginshaw, Christy Adair

Post Mortem on the Post Modern? (1991)

  1. Lecture by Roger Copeland

Giselle 150th Anniversary (1991)

  1. Romanticism - Raymond Lister
  2. The 1841 Production - Ivor Guest
  3. The Music of Giselle - Joseph Horowitz
  4. Introduction by Jane Pritchard to the film of Markova and Dolin in Giselle with Festival Ballet, 1952

Panel: Ivor Guest, Joseph Horwitz, Raymond Lister

Siobhan Davies Day (1991)

  1. Interview: Angela Kane, Siobhan Davies, David Buckland (2 copies)
  2. Papers: Sophie Preston; Nadine Meisner

Trisha Brown (1991)

  1. Overview - Stephanie Jordan
  2. Opal Loop - Richard Alston intervied Ann Nugent

Panel: Trisha Brown, Allen Robertson, Christie Adair, Richard Alston, Ann Nugent

The Nutcracker, A Centenary Celebraton (1992)

  1. A Survey of The Nutcracker in Britain - Jane Pritchard
  2. Setting The Nutcracker in its Musical Context - Prof. David Brown
  3. The Role of Drosselmeyer - Stephen Wicks
  4. The First British Sugar Plum Fairy - Dame Alicia Markova interviewed by Clement Crisp

Funding (1992)

  1. Chris Thompson, John Pick

Panel: Chris Thompson, John Pick, Siddell, Fergus Early

Tracing the Steps (1993)

  1. Sources and Methods, Introduction: Research - Curtis Price
  2. The Riddle of 17C Spanish Dance - Can it be solved? - Madeline Inglehearn
  3. Research and Reconstruction in 16C Italian Dance - Anne Daye
  4. The Dances of Hester Santlow - Moira Goff and Jennifer Thorp
  5. A Step in the Wrong Direction - the 'gospel' of the minuet step - Stephen Preston

Panel: Curtis Price, Anne Daye, Madeline Inglehearn, Moira Goff, Jennifer Thorp, Stephen Preston, Angela Kane, Judy Smith

Research Seminar (1993)

  1. Trinidad and Tobago Folk Dance & Music: Cross-cultural potentials for movement therapy - Terrence Wendell Braithwaite
  2. Nearer the Truth about Nijinsky's Break with the Maryinsky - Nesta MacDonald
  3. The Origins of Italian Mime in Ballet; from Commedia dell'Arte to Carlo Blasis - Giannandrea Poesio
  4. The Phonomenology of Rudolf von Laban - Susan Korel
  5. Ideology, Inter-Disciplinarity and the 'I' - Alexandra Carver
  6. Methods and Structure of Dance Training in the UK - Robert Penman
  7. Power and the Body: Explorations in Dance and Social Theory - Martyn Hudson

Begged, Borrowed or Stolen? (1994)

  1. Plenary Session
  2. Paper: Dr Helen Thomas
  3. The Dutch Perspective - Dr Frederick Naerebout
  4. Narratives and meta narratives: Reshaping Dance Research - Prof. Janet Lansdale

Michel Fokine (1995)

  1. Fokine in America - Dawn Lillie Horowitz
  2. Petrushka - Sally Bowden
  3. Petrushka - Alexander Grant interviewed by Jane Pritchard
  4. Irina Baronova and Tamara Tchinarova (Finch) interviewed by Clement Crisp
  5. Les Sylphides - coaching session by Irina Baronva [poor sound]

Doris Humphrey Centenary (1995)

The Society for Dance Research in association with The Doris Humphrey Foundation and Dance Umbrella

  1. Introduction - Els Grelingen
  2. Selma Jean Cohan
  3. Questions

VHS Tape

The Birth of the Royal Ballet, Dance Blitz, Festival Hall, (1997)

Reconstruction workshops:

  1. Façade - finale with Diana Vere
  2. Dante Sonata - 'White' scene; 'labour' solo - with Jean Bedells
  3. The Sleeping Beauty - Jewel fairies
  4. The Gods Go a-Begging

Panel 'What do the photographs say?' With Alastair Macaulay and Beth Genee

Panel 'Staging of the classics' Preservation workshop with Alastair Macaulay and Jean Bedells and performance:

  1. The Gods go a-Begging performed Michelle Davis, Philippa Walker, Gary Avis
  2. Façade Tango performed Philippa Gordon, Gary Avis
  3. Dante Sonata performed Neil Skidmore, Michelle Davis, Philippa Gordon
  4. The Sleeping Beauty Jewel Fairies performed Michelle Davis, Deborah Gilduff, Alex Foley
  5. White Cat pas de deux performed Michelle Davis, Neil Skidmore

NB tape quality variable